4th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region


Conference Programme on Thematic Fields



Horizontal PA 01-11

  • Embedding the macro regional initiatives into European Structural and Investment Fund Programmes


Connect the Region

  • Putting synergies into practice: regional initiatives together for sustainable use of local resources
  • Energy efficient and sustainable Danube cities and regions: Linking strategic thinking and energy issues
  • Sustainable management of touristic destinations along the Danube


Protecting the Enviroment

  •  Improvement and cooperation possibilities in the water sector: Improvement and cooperation possibilities in the water sector with non-EU countries | Part 2
  •  Improving the Flood Safety (The 1st FRMP for Danube Basin and the synergies, projects of EUSDR PA5 and ICPDR)
  • Summary | Workshop Details
  •  Setting water management priorities until 2021 - The ICPDR Danube River Basin Management Plan 2015
  • Summary | Workshop Details
  •  Sturgeon 2020 - a project for foster horizontal cooperation among all Priority Areas of the EUSDR


Building Prosperity

  • Improvement and cooperation possibilities in the water sector: Networking and advanced technologies for wastewater treatment and energy efficiency in the Danube Region | Part 1
  • Bio-economy as model demonstrator for cross-regional cluster cooperation within the Danube Region
  • Women in leadership - Strategies, programmes and approaches to bring women in political and economical power
  • Workshop Details
  • DO IT - Cross-cutting cooperation for the facing of the main societal challenges of the Danube Region
  • Paving the way for joint actions in the Danube Region: Sharing good practices and identifying synergies in research and innovation support
  • Summary | Workshop Details


Strengthening the Region

  • Cooperation Southeast - Danube Region (CSDR)
  • Building institutional and administrative capacities in the Danube Region on a transnational and cross-border basis
  • Summary | Workshop Details
  • Danube Property Crime Project

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